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2024-06-04 17:36:03 (Originally published at: 2023-11-27)

I'm done with social media

It has been discussed many times, that people are mean. You can put a lot of thought into your post and comment. You might have spent hours composing it. But all you get is snark, downvotes, haha emojis. And once you have downvotes and haha emojis all over your posts people will see that "eggs have been thrown", and will feel encouraged to throw even more eggs.

You may have asked for help and some good feedback but that's all you get, not replies just reactions. Everytime I post something meaningful rather than just parroting the existing narritive I'm made to regret it without failure. I'm done with social media and continue writing stuff, reactions and replies into my website from now on.

I give myself 1 point each 5 days for not posting anything anywhere on social media. If I decide to post something, I will lose 1 point, if it received badly, I will lose 4 points. If I don't have enough points I don't post at all. I need to minimize the tilt caused by snarky reactions.

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