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2024-06-04 17:36:03 (Originally published at: 2014-07-20)


I'm going to express my short rants in this page.

Voting systems and earnable privileges suppress critical thinking

In every community eventually a hard core builds up. From that moment the hard core start think they are THE community, then start to make policies to get rid of people who try to criticize them.

When a community reaches this state it's basically dead, no open-minded discussions possible there anymore... The whole community evolves into a collection of people which contain some elites and bystanders who are nodding whatever happens.

All websites list popular SERPs first. That may be useful, but it makes impossible to find something that's not popular or widely ignored. Often the rock band named after a scientific term outrank Wikipedia or scientific articles/videos about the topic.

Youtube filters sucks

Why can I only filter video by exactly longer than 20 min? Why there is no option to set minimum length? I cannot understand this...

Unskippable video ads

Many video providers force you to see advertisements before the video you cannot skip. To make matters worse they replay it every time you decide to rewind...

Websites and products removing features without providing alternative

Windows 8 removed the start button. Ubuntu Unity removed a whole bunch of things. Web applications getting dumber...

You should always provide an alternative when removing a feature: eg. extracting the feature into a plugin.

Articles you cannot comment on

In the age of Web2.0 every article and post you find on the web has a comment box of some kind. Nowadays I find it annoying when you cannot express your opinion on an article easily.

Search engines are awful at finding rants

When freaked out by something I often search the web to find someone that have the same feelings. But the search results often contain only rubbish making make even more annoyed.

Websites keep changing their user interfaces

Ever searched for some "how to do [something] on [some website]", only to find out that the how to is not valid anymore, because the website has changed it's user interface? Facebook, Google and Youtube does this all the time.

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