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2021-12-11 13:52:26 (Originally published at: 2014-12-24)

360 day calendar proposal

This proposal is probably not new, but it's not notable enough to be worthy of mentioning in Wikipedia... I made this mainly for fun. Not a single calendar reform proposal have ever been accepted since the Gregorian one. So I don't think this would become mainstream. So here is the idea.

12 months 30 days each

I would preserve namings of the months, so it would go from January to December. Each month will be 30 days long. This is good news for those who have birthday on 29th February: they will have one each year. And bad news for those who born on 31st: they will never have a birthday anymore... This is also good news for accountants: Each quarter is 90 days. A half year is 180 days. The whole business year would be 360 days then.

Everyone hates Mondays so get rid of it

Each month would have 5 six day weeks starting at Tuesday ending at Sunday. So 4 day workweeks and 2 day weekends. Again good news for accountants: each month would have exactly 20 business days. So the whole year would have exactly 60 weeks. Yet another round number.

A holiday week at the end of each year

Non-leap years would have an 5 day, leap years would have a 6 day holiday week at each year. Where the public holiday laws apply, so they are non-working days.

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